Kathleen Sommers 7th Annual Bracelet Show

KathleenSommers Post Card

The reception for the 7th Annual Bracelet Show at Kathleen Sommers is tonight and I am truly looking forward to the event. It seems I should be an old hand at these things, but it has been many years since I have participated in a show like this.

I have attended Kathleen’s show in past years as a “civilian” and have always been impressed with the quality and variety of works included. There are more than 100 works by 42 artists represented in a wide variety of media and price ranges.

The boutique has been a landmark destination in the Monte Vista neighborhood of San Antonio since it opened in 1979. Sommers is a gifted designer herself and until recently designed and manufactured textiles for a line of limited edition clothing that she represented in the shop. In addition to her own line, she has always carried wearables including textiles, footwear, jewelry and other small accessories and a variety of small decorative items and scents for the home.

According to USA Today 10 Best, “Her store is a place to fill the senses, feed the soul, and experience the aesthetic diversity of design, texture and color.”

Bracelet 1 from the Charmed Series by Tami Kegley. Photo by Page Graham.

So, this is my first time participating in the show, but there is another exciting first; for the first time, Kathleen will be showing three new bracelets of her own design. This is great news for those who follow her design ethos. This is a woman who doesn’t let grass grow under her feet.

If you don’t get a chance to attend the opening, please make a point of stopping in throughout the month of December. The show will be up through December 24 and an excellent opportunity to get some holiday shopping done for a special loved one on your list.



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